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In blue 50x40 (20x16")

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A small "island" on a winter field. It had been snowing all night and the wheat field was completely snowed.

In the afternoon it became a dense fog that made the day dusk. The sun did its best to penetrate.

The picture is entitled "In blue" and wants to convey the feeling that one can feel alone at times but that there is light, somewhere within all of us.

The picture has achieved great international success and is known in various contexts. The picture is also included in the prestigious yearbook "Best of the Best Photographers 2018"

Please read about how the image was created here: IN BLUE.

  • Photographed 2017-01-07 at Tortuna outside Västerås, Sweden
  • Camera used is Hasselblad
  • Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag
  • Signed and fitted in individually adapted 100% acid-free mating and associated back piece - ready for framing - frame not included

Please note that the digital reproduction on these pages cannot be compared to the original delivered. Digital media such as our screens always have a limitation when it comes to color reproduction and sharpness.

Detail view

In blue - excerpt photographed from the original. Click the image to close.Click on the image to the left to see a detailed view of the image. The excerpt is photographed from the original.