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"24 panes of history" stock image

24 panes of history

The picture is photographed in a heavy snowstorm and in 25 minus degrees celsius. During the photo shoot, it snowed so heavily that I had to dig out snow from the optics on several occasions. The motif is a window arch with glass panes. It sits on Ängsö Castle forge outside Västerås, Sweden and caught my interest as it has very interesting patina. Each glass pane tells its own story and just think about what these pane windows have to tell! The smithy is from the 17th century, although the glass is certainly not. But who knows..... In the picture you can see that some glass panes carry traces of rust and dirt, others have frost and they together form the exclamation mark that made me stop and spend several hours in front of this window.

Image dimensions: 6000 x 3050 pixels

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